Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have been through twenty years of management and two years of writing this blog. I am not giving up management, but I think this blog ought to be closed. I think most topics have already been covered and additional posts are bound to repeat existing ones.

Am I the ideal manager? Obviously, not. Do I make mistake? Sometimes, even when I follow the path outlined in this blog. I know that real life is more complicated. There are issues that not be covered by any post; Different values, contradicting each other, can be covered, by different posts, but in real life they have to be faced together and the dilemma has to be resolved. There are times that I stick to what I planned, but being only part of the situation (even if it is the manager's part), I cannot control others' behavior having things done my way.

Does this imply that my observations are impractical and do not yield results? Not at all.
They improved my performance and I think that, at the end of the day, they contributed to my success.

I hope that reading these ideas, adding them to you own experience and implementing them in real life scenarios, will assist you as well.
I can say for myself, that developing these ideas through the years, testing them and even formulating them for this blog, has done and is still doing a great deal for me.

I thank you for reading this blog and for the encouraging replies I received. During these passing two years of blogging, besides the written talkbacks, I received additional support in other forms.

Thank you.


p.s. I may return with another blog. Goodbye for now.